Folding paper ice snowflake tutorial (c)

Folding paper ice snowflake (tutorial)

What a wonderful time of year this is – winter! After the autumn bad weather, grayness, and dampness, dramatic changes occur, as if by magic. Wonderful changes that transform everything around!

Corrugated paper roses (c)

Corrugated paper roses (tutorial)

Corrugated paper roses are suitable for filling a chic festive bouquet. The more buds you make, the more magnificent the composition will be.

diy kusudama (c)

How to make a Kusudama flower ball (tutorial)

Such a ball of flowers will decorate any room. A few flower kusudamas can decorate a room for a birthday or for the New Year. You can make a ball of multi-colored modules or use paper of only one color. It will still be beautiful. It just seems that the craft is very complicated.

Layered paper snowflake (c)

Layered paper snowflake (tutorial)

This tutorial shows the option to create a bright multi-layered snowflake. Simple models can be cut out of paper, even figures in 4 additions.

Star from candy wrappers tutorial (c)

Star from candy wrappers modules (tutorial)

Incredibly, you can make very beautiful and shining stars with your own hands from ordinary candy wrappers. Today on sale you can find candies with a variety of bright, rustling wrappers, including gold ones.

Bright asters from corrugated paper (c)

Bright asters from corrugated paper (tutorial)

From corrugated paper, very believable and bright copies of colors are obtained, and of any kind. The variety of options is so great that sometimes it can be difficult to make your choice.

Air flower from napkins tutorial (c)

Air flower from napkins (tutorial)

Paper napkins are an amazing material for creativity. Very light, all kinds of colors and shades, malleable, and, importantly, very, very budget! Many interesting things can be created from these thin pieces of paper, it is very easy to work with napkins.

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