diy kusudama (c)

How to make a Kusudama flower ball (tutorial)

Such a ball of flowers will decorate any room. A few flower kusudamas can decorate a room for a birthday or for the New Year. You can make a ball of multi-colored modules or use paper of only one color. It will still be beautiful. It just seems that the craft is very complicated.

easter basket origami (c)

Easter Rabbit Origami – egg stand (tutorial)

This Origami Easter Bunny can become not only an Easter decoration, but also a gift wrapping for an egg.Folding such a bunny is very easy, you only need 2 sheets of A4 paper, since the craft consists of two parts.

newspaper rose (c)

Creating a Vintage Newspaper Rose (tutorial)

In the world of crafts and DIY projects, there is a certain charm in repurposing everyday materials into stunning works of art. One such project that captures the essence of both creativity and nostalgia is the creation of a vintage newspaper rose.

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