Hi there, my name is Viktoria Ruban (Vika, Viktoriia), I create 3D models and templates. I differ from others in this work in that I make very compact templates to save paper. Almost all of my templates are very compact and the primary dimensions of the models are optimal in terms of the number of sheets. Do not forget that you can order any size of the model, both mini and extra large. You can also adjust the size during printing by changing percentages or changing the sheet format.

The author of all presented models and the creator of hobbymo.com is me (Viktoria Ruban). I can sometimes use ready-made 3D models with a free license (CC) for templates, and this will always be indicated on the template page. 

I don’t sell recognizable characters as I don’t intend to infringe their copyrights. However, I can make free fan art, it seems it’s not forbidden in any country. Fan art is subject to the same license rules.

The difficulty/level of the assembly is the complexity of the geometry, not the amount of time spent. This characteristic is not accurate and is currently determined only by me. If you do not agree with the level of a model that I have determined, you can always leave your review or write to me in contacts, I will collect all the data and change this characteristic.

For all questions and suggestions write to [email protected].

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