pigeon origami

Pigeon Origami

Such a pigeon is made very quickly. You can make a lot of pigeons and then collect from them a garland, mobile, decorative curtain, etc. For crafts you will need one square sheet of paper.

Start with a square sheet of paper:

  1. Fold it in half diagonally:

2. Fold again it in half diagonally and unfold it to create a crease down the middle:

3. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the center crease, and then repeat with the other bottom corner:

4. Fold the left and right corners to meet the center crease:

5. Crease well and then unfold it. Fold two opposite corners to the center:

6. Unfold it. Hide the corners inside along the creases you made earlier:

7. Fold it in half:

8. Bend the upper part down the dashed line:

You will get the wing:

9. Bend the wing in half along the dashed line:

Like this:

10. Turn it over and repeat steps 8-9.

11. Turn it like this:

Bend inside a large triangle on the right side. This is the pigeon tail:

12. Turn the figure down:

Bend the wings up:

13. Make a bird’s head. Bend the corner inside as shown in the photo:

And that’s it! You should now have a paper pigeon

pigeon origami
pigeon origami
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