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Easter Basket Origami

Easter is a bright family holiday! Everyone bakes Easter cakes, paints eggs, and visits each other with them. And in order to visit beautifully, to please, and surprise, we will make a delicate and cute basket for an Easter egg using the origami technique.

How to make an Easter egg basket

Let’s choose a nice piece of paper. However, it can be just white, because you can always decorate it to your taste with appliqué, paints, felt-tip pens, ribbons…

You will need: a square sheet of paper measuring 21 cm (one chicken egg fits perfectly in a basket of such a square), a ruler and PVA glue.

1)Bend a square sheet along two diagonals:

2)Then bend across in one and the other direction:

3)Next, fold the square as shown in the photo. Watch the video, time 1:05.

4)Put the resulting rhombus on the table with free corners up:

5)Fold one layer down:

6)Flip it over and repeat the same on the other side:

7)Flip one layer from right to left so that the colored side of the paper is inside. Flip it over and do the same:

8)Using a ruler, visually divide the part into three equal parts, and make marks in the right places. I have a total length of 15 cm, so the marks are like this:

9)Fold the corners with an overlap according to the marks:

10)Flip it over and do the same:

11)Bend up the bottom corner, this will be the bottom of the basket:

12)Unfold the paper basket:

At this stage (or the previous one), glue the handles of the basket:

13)Assemble handles. To do this, insert one tip into the slot of the other. For reliability, you can fix it with a drop of glue:

Decorate the basket in your own way. The origami basket is ready!

Photo by Nastena specially for hobbymo. Video added by Viktoria

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