New Year's magnet on the fridge (c)

New Year’s magnet on the fridge for notes (tutorial)

In such a magnet, you can store blank sheets or notes for relatives, a shopping list, and favorite recipes. Take a sheet of thick green paper (these are sold by the piece in stationery stores or art stores), which will be the box of the magnet.

newspaper rose (c)

Creating a Vintage Newspaper Rose (tutorial)

In the world of crafts and DIY projects, there is a certain charm in repurposing everyday materials into stunning works of art. One such project that captures the essence of both creativity and nostalgia is the creation of a vintage newspaper rose.

basket of newspaper tubes tutorial (c)

Creating a Basket of Newspaper Tubes (tutorial)

Rustic Charm and Eco-Friendliness: Creating a Basket of Newspaper Tubes. If you’re searching for a sustainable and creative way to repurpose old newspapers, crafting a basket using newspaper tubes is a wonderful option.

Shopping Basket