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Dancing Christmas Tree, Papercraft template

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PDF template of a Dancing Christmas Tree for assembly from paper or cardboard. Instant download

The Christmas tree is a beloved symbol of the holiday season, and it has been a cherished tradition in many households for centuries. Today, Christmas trees come in various shapes and sizes, and they are often made of artificial materials. However, for those who are looking for a unique and eco-friendly option, a paper Christmas tree can be a delightful and creative alternative.

The main advantages of using a paper Christmas tree are its sustainability and environmental friendliness. Real Christmas trees are often cut down and used for a few weeks before being discarded, contributing to deforestation and waste. Artificial Christmas trees, on the other hand, are typically made of plastic materials that can take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. A paper Christmas tree, on the other hand, can be recycled or composted after use, making it a more eco-conscious choice.

Another advantage of using a paper Christmas tree is its affordability and accessibility. Paper materials are widely available and inexpensive, making a paper tree a cost-effective option for holiday decorations. DIY paper Christmas trees can be made with basic craft supplies and tools, making them accessible to people of all ages and skill levels. Paper Christmas trees can also be easily stored and reused for multiple holiday seasons, adding to their practicality and value.

Paper Christmas trees can be decorated in a variety of ways, depending on personal preferences and decorating styles. They can be adorned with paper ornaments, ribbons, bows, or other paper-based decorations. They can be embellished with glitter, sequins, or other craft materials to add a touch of sparkle and festivity. They can also be illuminated with LED lights or battery-powered candles to create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Template of Dancing Christmas tree for paper or cardboard assembly. The digital pdf template is ready for printing. To assemble the model, you need to print this file on A4/Letter paper or cardboard.

The assembled model according to this template from the metalized paper, height 15 cm:


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Публикация от @hobbymo.papercraft

PRINT:  on colored paper
PARTS: 7 / 12
SHEETS(A4/Letter): 2 / 10

FINISHED model size:
Height – 15 cm / 30 cm
Width – 10 cm / 20 cm
Depth – 10 cm / 20 cm

1. Print pattern.
2. Make creases on the dotted lines using an inkless pen and a ruler.
3. Cut through all the solid lines.
4. Fold the paper according to the dotted lines.
paper dancing tree (c) hobbymo.com

5. Glue flaps.
paper dancing tree (c) hobbymo.com

6. Put the pieces together:

The Christmas tree is ready (height 15 cm):
paper dancing tree (c) hobbymo.com

Tip: If you don’t want the tree to “dance”, make part №7 shorter by 5-10mm.

1) Manual (pdf). Also, the universal manual at the link.
2) Template h15 cm (pdf)
3) Template h30 cm (pdf)
For personal use only. More details are at the link.

BUY on: DesignBundles (svg, dxf, pdf, png, jpg, eps)


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