Number 2024, height 50cm, 3D Papercraft template

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DIY Number 2024. Printable PDF template for assembly from paper or cardboard. Instant download.

  • Color: none
  • Sheets(A4/Letter):  to assembly the number 2024 with a height of 50 cm, you will need  15 + 17 +15 + 17  = 64 sheets
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Parts: 27+ 32 +27 + 26 = 112 total

Finished model size: Height – 50 cm. Depth – 10 cm.

Crafting a 3D Paper Number “2024”. As the calendar turns and a new year approaches, there’s a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air. The year 2024 brings with it a canvas of possibilities, and what better way to mark its arrival than by crafting a 3D paper representation of the numbers “2024.” This DIY project allows you to combine creativity and symbolism, sculpting a tangible reminder of the year’s potential and your aspirations for the months ahead.

To create your 3D paper number “2024,” gather the following materials:

  • Colored cardstock: Choose a color palette that resonates with the spirit of the year 2024. Consider using colors that evoke the emotions and themes associated with your aspirations.
  • Scissors or craft knife, Ruler, and Inkless pen.
  • Craft glue or adhesive: Select a strong adhesive suitable for paper crafts.
  • And of course, the printed template on thick paper; or office paper, and then transferred to cardboard.

Digital pdf template of Number 2024 height 50 cm for paper or cardboard assembly. The digital pdf template is ready for printing. The instruction in the file is attached. To assemble the model, you need to print this file on A4/Letter paper or cardboard.

Three numbers to download: 2, 0 and 4

FINISHED model size:
Two: Height – 50 cm, Width – 35,1 cm, Depth – 10 cm.
Zero: Height – 50 cm, Width – 39,4 cm, Depth – 10 cm.
Four: Height – 50 cm, Width – 44,3 cm, Depth – 10 cm.

There are two ways to reduce the size of numbers when printing:
1) Decrease the percentage from 100% to what you need.
2) Choose to print two pages on one page – then you will get half the size of the figure: 25 cm. You can choose to print four, six, and so on pages on one page.

To increase the model:
1) Print the template in A3 (140%), A2 (200%), A1 (280%), and A0 (400%) format. A4 format is the default size of 100%.  Read more here in the instructions.
If you need numbers above 50 cm in A4 format, you can always write to me about it.

1) 3 PDF manuals and 3 PDF templates in one zip file. A universal assembly manual is at the link.

If you do not know how to open a zip file, write to me in the mail, and I will send you unarchived files.

For personal use only. More details are at the link.

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