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Dragon Helmet, Mask, 3D Papercraft Template

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DIY Paper Dragon Helmet (mask). Printable PDF template for assembly from paper or cardboard. Instant download.

  • Color: none
  • Sheets(A4/Letter): 9
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Parts: 27

Finished model size (if you print at 100%): Height – 45 cm. Width –  31,9 cm. Depth – 43,6 cm.

Dragons have long been a source of fascination and wonder in mythology and folklore. These mythical creatures often embody power, wisdom, and majesty. If you’re a fan of dragons or simply looking for a creative and imaginative DIY project, crafting a paper dragon helmet is an exciting endeavor that allows you to channel your inner dragon enthusiast.
Making a paper dragon helmet is a unique and visually stunning creation that can serve as a costume piece, a decorative display, or a conversation starter.

Materials Needed:
Cardstock or heavy paper: Choose sturdy paper that can hold its shape.
Scissors or craft knife: You’ll need a cutting tool to precisely cut out the paper pieces.
Craft glue or adhesive: Select a strong adhesive suitable for paper crafts to securely attach the different parts of the helmet.
Ruler and inkless pen: These tools will help you make accurate creases before cutting.

Digital PDF template of Dragon Helmet for paper or cardboard assembly. The PDF template is ready for printing. To assemble the model, you need to print this file on thick A4/Letter paper or cardboard.

For adult size, you can reduce the size when printing on paper (change the percentages): for children ages 8-14, print the template at 90%. For children 3-8 years old, print the template at 80%.
1) Manual with the locations of parts (PDF, 3 pages). Also, the universal manual is at the link
2) Template (PDF, 9 pages).
For personal use only. More details are at the link.

Crafting a paper dragon helmet is a delightful way to channel your creativity and passion for mythical creatures. Whether you wear it as part of a costume, use it as a decorative display, or simply enjoy the process of bringing a dragon to life, this DIY project offers endless opportunities for imagination and artistic expression. So, gather your materials, embark on this mythical journey, and let your dragon helmet take flight in the realm of creativity.

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Тестовая сборка из бумаги плотностью 100 г/м2


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