paper cake piece

Piece of cardboard and colored paper cake (how to make)

Materials and accessories used in the work:
• colored cardboard,
• colored paper,
• foamiran with sparkles,
• beads,
• glue gun,
• ruler,
• protractor (desirable, but not required),
• scissors.

How to make a piece of cake from cardboard and colored paper

1) Draw a template for a piece of cake. Take a sheet of cardboard and arrange it horizontally. Draw a guide line a few centimeters from the bottom edge (3 cm in this case).

2) Starting from the guide line and the left edge of the cardboard, draw a rectangle (here a rectangle with sides of 5 cm and 10 cm).

3) Now, using a protractor, draw an acute angle from the right side of the rectangle. The length of the side of the corner should be equal to the side of the rectangle (here 10 cm). (The value of an acute angle can be arbitrary, but it must be known exactly, since another such angle will be drawn further. If you don’t have a protractor handy, you can use a small triangle template.)

4) Connect the upper right corner of the rectangle and the segment just drawn with a straight line. The result is an isosceles triangle.

5) Now draw a rectangle from the right side of the triangle.

The first and second rectangles must be the same.

6) Next, from the right side of the new rectangle, draw another triangle similar to the previous one.

7) Draw another rectangle to the top side of the second rectangle. Its length should be equal to the base of the previously obtained equilateral triangle (here the length of the base is 5.6 cm).

The most important work has been completed.

8) Now you need to draw the “flaps” that will help glue the piece of cake together. Be sure to have such “flaps” at the free side of the second triangle and at any free side of the last rectangle.

NOTICE: If you don’t want to draw yourself, I have made a template for you, download and print the pattern.

9) Gluing and decorating a piece of cake. Cut out the template and fold along all lines (inward).

10) Glue the “flaps” of the figure and get a triangular prism.

11) Paste the top base of the figure with foamiran.

12) Cut out wavy strips from foamiran of the same color.

13) Glue these strips to the upper edges of the side faces.

14) Decorate all the side faces in the center with even colored stripes. These strips will mimic the cream layer of the cake.

15) Decorate with a bead and a colored paper flower on top. Work completed.

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