sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

Christmas sisal fiber wreath (tutorial)

Sisal is a natural coarse fiber obtained from the leaves of the Agava sisolana plant, from the genus Agave, sometimes the plant itself is called “sisal”.

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and there is not much time left for preparation, but I want to bring something new and unusual into the home interior, especially to do it with my own hands. Today I would like to dedicate a tutorial to a Christmas wreath, which can be used to decorate the front door of a house, apartment, office space, or hang on a wall in a room.

We will use the following materials:

– cardboard of any thickness
– newspapers
– burgundy knitting threads
– sisal fiber in burgundy and white colors
– beads of silver and gold colors
– Christmas angel
– Christmas trees made of polymer clay (can be used from felt or other material)
– red garland with flowers
– glue gun
– glue gun sticks
– scotch
– scissors

The materials are prepared and you can start working.

1) We cut out a disk with a diameter of 30 centimeters from cardboard, while the width of the disk should be approximately 3 – 3.5 centimeters. We wrap it in newspaper sheets and secure it with tape. Since our wreath will be burgundy in color, we select knitting threads of the same color and wrap the disc so that the newspaper sheets do not show through.

sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

2) Next, we unroll the burgundy-colored sisal fiber and wrap it around the disk.

sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)
sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)
sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

3) Determine where the bottom of the wreath will be and wrap white sisal fiber over the top of the burgundy sisal fiber. Thus, an improvised snow cover is obtained.

sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

4) We place the Christmas angel on white sisal fiber and fix it with a glue gun. Carefully place the red garland with flowers. On the wreath we glue golden-colored beads on the burgundy sisal and silver-colored beads on the white sisal.

sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

5) Glue Christmas trees from polymer clay.

sisal fiber wreath tutorial (c)

That’s all! The Christmas wreath is ready! It can be presented as a gift to your family, friends or just acquaintances. Delight them with good mood and handmade gifts! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Author Avira8, especially for the HOBBYMO. Copying is prohibited, more details here.

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