Skull 3D Paper Sculpture (2 sizes)

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DIY Scull. Printable PDF template of a Scull for paper or cardboard assembly. Digital download

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Low poly model of a Skull for assembly from paper or cardboard. Make your own decorative skull.
The digital pdf template is ready for printing. The instruction in the file is attached. To assemble the model, you need to print this file on thick A4/Letter paper or cardboard.


1) Make a skull vase – cut off the lid or do not glue the lid during assembly. You can also make a box with a lid.
2) Decorate the skull with rhinestones – glue a rhinestone on each polygon. It’s beautiful.
3) Color the skull with one color or color each polygon with a different color.

skull papercraft template

PRINT: on colored paper
DIFFICULTY: medium (difficult place: cheekbones)
PARTS: 66 😈
SHEETS(A4/Letter): 6 or 10
ASSEMBLY TIME: ≈ 8 hours

FILES are available for download:
1) Manual.

2) Pdf template of the Skull (h15 cm). To assemble this model, you will need 6 A4/Letter sheets.
Finished model size: Height – 15 cm. Width – 15 cm. Depth – 18 cm

3) Pdf template of the Skull (h20 cm). To assemble this model, you will need 10 A4/Letter sheets.
Finished model size: Height – 20 cm. Width – 20 cm. Depth – 24 cm

Language: English and Russian.

If you need other sizes, please let me know.
I try to arrange the details on the sheet as compactly as possible so that you spend fewer sheets during printing.

Materials required for assembly:
1. Paper sheet of A4 160-240 g/m2.
2. Scissors or a craft knife.
3. Ruler.
4. Inkless pen or awl, or use the blunt side of a craft knife.
5. Glue stick, PVA, or similar product.

For personal use only. Not for commercial use. All templates are copyrighted.
You can use the assembled physical model for commercial purposes.

It is forbidden to distribute templates in any form (in particular, in electronic and printed form). It is forbidden to change templates.

If you want to share the template with a friend, then send him a link to this page. Want to share a template with the community? – Send a link to this page, you can attach a photo of the finished product taken from this site.

Do you have questions or comments? Please write me a message.

Author of HOBBYMO (Wiko Glitch)
Instagram: @hobbymo.papercraft


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