Pitaya fruit, 3D Papercraft template

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Template of 3D Pitaya for paper or cardboard assembly. Instant download.

  • Color: with color pattern for color print
  • Sheet(A4/Letter): 1
  • Level: easy
  • Parts: 8

Finished model size: Height – 10 cm. Width – 7 cm. Depth – 7 cm

Pitaya (Pitahaya) – exotic fruit growing on cactus. PDF template of 3D Pitaya for paper or cardboard assembly. The digital PDF template is ready for printing. Print this file on thick A4/Letter paper or cardboard. The template is suitable for printing on regular office paper or photo paper.

Files are available for download:
1) PDF template
2) JPG template

Materials required for assembly:
1. Printer.
2. Paper sheet of A4 or US letter
3. Scissors or a craft knife.
4. Ruler.
5. Inkless pen or awl, or use the blunt side of a craft knife.
6. Glue stick, PVA, or similar product.

1. Print the pattern.
2. Make creases on the dotted lines using an inkless pen and a ruler.
3. Cut through all the solid lines.
4. Fold the paper according to the dotted lines.
5. Glue flaps. First glue the flaps of all the green spikes (green arrow)

paper pitaya papercraft template

6. Then glue the pieces together in order 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8.

paper pitaya papercraft template


view top:

paper pitaya papercraft template

The same pitahaya, but with a different assembly pattern: pitahaya

Attention! This is a digital product! You buy electronic PDF format.

The model template is not intended for commercial use and is copyrighted.
But you can use the assembled physical model for commercial purposes.


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