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Paper Teeth, PDF template

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PDF template of Cubes and Triangles for assembly of  Paper Teeth figurines. Instant download.

  • Colors: color pattern
  • Sheets (A4/Letter): 1
  • Level: easy
  • Parts: 40

Finished tooth size: Height – 2,5cm/0,98″. Width – 2,1cm/0,83″. Depth – 2,1cm/0,83″.

Digital template of Colored Paper Cubes and Triangles for assembly of Teeth and toothbrushes. Three colors: white, yellow, and brown. Suitable for printing on office paper. The size of the cubes is 1 cm/0,39″.  The size of the triangles is 1,4cm/0,55″ (length).

These teeth are perfect for playing dentist:
1) Contaminate the paper teeth with the help of cut-out dill and spinach leaves.
2) Come up with your tooth decay, as an example, draw dirt with a simple pencil and erase with an eraser (make a toothbrush, instead of bristles – an eraser).
3) Swap the cubes in places, for example, to get a white tooth with a brown cube – an imitation of caries.
4) Сolor the white tooth with your colors and designs
5) Print on shiny paper if your printer can do it. Make a gold tooth with a crown…

Turn on subtitles. On video, the cube is 2cm in size. The cubes can be assembled without glue, but it is better to use glue for strength.

The triangles are assembled almost the same way as cubes; you just need a drop of glue. The triangles are assembled with glue in one place (flap №4).  Flap №2 must be folded inside the triangle.

The color may differ slightly from the photo, depending on the print quality and the device screen settings.

Downloadable content:
1) Template of Teeth with toothbrushes (PDF, 2 pages).
For personal use only. More details are at the link.



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