July 2022

tutorial piece of cake (c) hobbymo.com

Piece of paper cake (tutorial)

When it comes to creative crafts, there’s something undeniably charming about creating paper versions of everyday objects. One such delightful craft project is crafting a paper piece of cake.

Volumetric chrysanthemum flower (c) hobbymo.com

Volumetric Chrysanthemum Flower (tutorial)

Often children are given a task, for example in kindergarten, to make this or that craft. Parents, trying to help, grab their heads: how to do it and where to start?

New Year's magnet on the fridge (c) hobbymo.com

New Year’s magnet on the fridge for notes (tutorial)

In such a magnet, you can store blank sheets or notes for relatives, a shopping list, and favorite recipes. Take a sheet of thick green paper (these are sold by the piece in stationery stores or art stores), which will be the box of the magnet.

newspaper rose (c) hobbymo.com

Creating a Vintage Newspaper Rose (tutorial)

In the world of crafts and DIY projects, there is a certain charm in repurposing everyday materials into stunning works of art. One such project that captures the essence of both creativity and nostalgia is the creation of a vintage newspaper rose.

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